Coronary catheter labs, operating theatre, and hybrid operating theatre

The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center has four catheter labs, four operating theatres, and one hybrid operating theatre. Two additional hybrid operating theatres are being built to meet the growing numbers and case complexities.

Coronary catheter labs

In the coronary catheter lab, we monitor and treat patients primarily with complex cardiological conditions. The quality of care is a top priority for us. We work with expert care professionals: doctors, intervention nurses, and technicians (biometrists). 


Operating theatres

The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center has access to four operating theatres in which complex heart, vascular, and lung operations can be performed. These operating theatres are very modern and are fitted out with the latest equipment.

Hybrid operating theatre

Maastricht UMC+ also has a hybrid operating theatre for a while now, making it the first Dutch clinic to be able to perform numerous multidisciplinary operations. The patient benefits from this as invasive operation methods can be kept to a minimum (preventing large wounds and scars), which in turn greatly benefits recovery after the operation.


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