Why choose for Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center?

The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center has a strong regional position as well as a top ranking position in the Netherlands. Furthermore, it has positioned itself internationally on the basis of its unique profile and excellent clinical & research outcomes.

A high performance, innovative and financially robust organisation

Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center is a high-performance organisation with excellent key players in several therapy areas. At the Center, a high patient volume goes hand in hand with ground-breaking research and innovation. The Center is a financially robust organisation that is not only innovative but also efficient – which is why operational excellence is part of our daily business. All our operational processes and improvement activities are based on and implemented by means of lean/six sigma methodologies.

The uniqueness of the Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center

The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center combines monodisciplinary heart and vascular specialities in one coherent, interdisciplinary organisation. In this model, cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, vascular medicine, vascular neurology and vascular dermatology and their related outpatient clinics and clinical & research activities are fully integrated. The distinctive feature of the Center is the organisational integration of interdisciplinary cardiovascular specialities that maintain their professional autonomies, whether their activities are related to the outpatient clinic, the inpatient clinic or research.

Facts and figures

The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center employs more than 600 people, has a clinical capacity of 110 beds and each year performs 6,100 cardiovascular procedures, including 2,000 surgical procedures, 1,150 percutaneous coronary interventions (widening narrowed blood vessels) and 730 ablations (correcting heart rhythm problems). The Center recently opened a new, multidisciplinary outpatient clinic, which serves 110,000 patients a year. The centre has four catheter labs, four operating theatres and one hybrid operating theatre. Two additional hybrid operating theatres are being built to meet our growing numbers and case complexities.

International activities

The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center has built solid international networks for research and high-end care. The Center also welcomes a continuous stream of foreign medical specialists seeking knowledge and experience of complex cardiovascular pathologies.

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