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Theodoros Kofidis


Faculty member Maastricht Mitral Masters


Theo Kofdis
Associate Professor Theo Kofidis is Head of the Department of Cardiac-, Thoracic- and Vascular Surgery, at the National University Hospital of Singapore, Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and a pioneer minimally invasive heart surgeon. He is a renowned Cardiac Surgeon and strongly sought-for proctor and surgical teacher around the world. One of only 2 AATS (American Association for Thoracic Surgery) members in SE Asia, he is also an Ambassador / Steering Committee of the World Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery for the same region. Over the last 10 years in Singapore, he has established the most complete, pioneering and advanced Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery program in the region, and offers endoscopic, robotic and hybrid surgeries for Bypass to treat Coronary artery- and heart valve diseases, and arrhythmias. He is Founder and Owner of the Company Kardia Pte Ltd, aiming at the development of disruptive heart valve- and minimally invasive heart surgery technology. He is Chairman of I.R.I.S. (Initiative for Research and Innovation in Surgery), has introduced various new technologies, and launched new types of less invasive surgery. Professor Kofidis has trained in some of the world’s leading institutions (Rochester, NY/Texas Heart, Houston/Hannover Germany, Stanford, CA, USA). He is decorated with various international Awards and carries various offices and commitments. He has lectured for the American Medical Association, the FDA, the Bill Gates Research Institute and more. As an academic teacher, proctor and Consultant for a number of companies in the field-related industry, he is holding events and workshops in various countries around the world, bringing Minimally Invasive knowhow to doctors and patients alike. Professor Theo Kofidis lives in Singapore with his wife Persephone and daughter Danae, loves to fly airplanes, photograph, work out and read.



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