Medical safety and equipment

Medication safety

On the ward

The Maastricht UMC+ has been working for a number of years with an advanced electronic prescription and registration system for medication, the EVS (Elektronisch Voorschrijf Systeem, electronic prescription system). This is to prevent medication errors, such as prescription errors by doctors, transcription errors by pharmacy assistants, dispensing errors by nurses, and errors in the provision process on the ward.

Medical equipment

In order to assure

 the quality the operation of medical equipment, it is necessary to determine which doctors and nurses within a hospital are competent and authorised to operate the medical equipment.


At the Maastricht UMC+, all doctors and nurses who work with risky medical equipment regularly follow training in the use of the equipment with which they work. After completing the training, they receive a certificate of competence. This certificate is valid for three years. After this period, doctors and nurses are automatically summoned to have their skills tested again.

By including the certification process in the purchasing process for new medical equipment, we structurally ensure that the medical equipment is used safely at the Maastricht UMC+.


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