Certifications, accreditations and quality hallmarks

The hospital adheres to protocols and prescribed working methods for different actions and treatments. The Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) regularly inspects us and we hold various quality hallmarks.

NIAZ (Nederlands Instituut Accreditatie Zorginstellingen, Netherlands Institute for the Accreditation of Care Institutions)

The hospital has been NIAZ accredited since 1999.

 Consequently, it satisfies the standards for good operational management. In 2013, the accreditation document was issued for the fourth time (Note: it is issued once every four years) and the hospital was named as one of the top hospitals in the Netherlands. For more information: https://www.niaz.nl/english 

Vascular quality hallmark 

The Maastricht UMC+ holds the 'Vaatkeurmerk’ - a quality hallmark  

 relating to blood vessels and cardiovascular issues. This quality hallmark is awarded to those hospitals that satisfy a number of basic criteria relating to the care of cardiovascular patients (including cooperation, treatment, and diagnostics).

Varicose vein quality hallmark

The Spatadercentrum (Varicose Vein Centre) at the   

 Maastricht UMC+has been awarded the 'Spataderkeurmerk’ (Varicose vein quality hallmark) by the Hart&Vaatgroep (Heart & Vascular Group)*. This means that the centre satisfies all thirteen quality criteria that this association has drawn up for varicose vein care. * The Hart&Vaatgroep is a patients’ association that represents the interests of people with cardiovascular conditions in the Netherlands. They work continually on improving the quality of the treatment and the care. 

CCKL (Coördinatie Commissie Kwaliteitsbeoordeling Laboratoria, coordination committee for quality assurance in laboratories)

All our laboratories have held the certificate for a while,

whether just a short time or a long while. The certificate indicates that the laboratories satisfy the internationally-determined quality requirements for medical laboratories. 
For more information

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) pharmacy

Our pharmacy satisfies the requirements set out in the GMP-z (good manufacturing practice-hospital pharmacies) with regard to preparing and distributing medicines and the quality system required for this. Monitoring and enforcement of this quality standard are performed by the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ).

Client-focused operational management of General and Technical Services 

General and Technical Services has held a broad range of certifications for many years in accordance with the standards of the ISO standard, which assure client-focused operational management. The instrumental service and the quality system for medical gases are also ISO-9001 certified. For more information: https://www.nen.nl/Home-EN.htm

ISO certification for food safety system

The food safety system of the

 Maastricht UMC+ has been certified since 1995. 
For more information: https://www.nen.nl/Home-EN.htm

Information security / NEN 7510-7511

The hospital recently demonstrated that it satisfies the standards for information security and reliability as set out in the NEN-ISO 7510/7511. More information can be found at https://www.nen.nl/Home-EN.htm

Hospital hygiene and infection prevention

As of 1 January 2012, hospital hygiene and infection prevention at the  

 MUMC+ have made this the first Dutch hospital in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine to satisfy the quality requirements set by EuPrevent in the field of infection prevention. For more information: www.euprevent.eu.

Senior citizen friendly

The Maastricht UMC+ has earned the right to call itself senior  

 citizen friendly. The quality hallmark ‘senior-citizen friendly’ is awarded by the cooperating senior citizens’ associations of the Netherlands to those hospitals in which experience has proven that good care and treatment is provided for elderly patients.



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