Date: September 27, 2020 
Time: 14.00-18.00 (CEST European) 




  • Introduction of the panelists, Randolph Chitwood, MD, Greenville, US

  • Introduction of the program of the Webinar, Gregory Pattakos, MD, Athene, Greece

  • Pre-recorded video regarding the selection, planning and set-up of the live-case

  • Live-case: Endoscopic Mitral Valve Repair, Peyman Sardari Nia, MD, PhD, Maastricht, the Netherlands


Presentations during and following the live-case: 

  • The role of the Heart Team in decision-making and the treatment of mitral valve disease. Jindrich Vainer,MD, Maastricht, the Netherlands

  • Patient selection for minimally invasive mitral valve surgery. Randolph Chitwood, MD, Greenville US

  • Operative planning in minimally invasive mitral valve surgery. Joseph Zacharias, MD, Blackpool, US

  • Echocardiographic assessment after mitral valve repair. Feroze Mahmood, MD, Boston, US

  • End of the beginning of mitral valve surgery: transcatheter revolution. Michael Mack, MD, Dallas, US

  • Pitfalls of peripheral cannulation. Theodoros Kofidis, MD, Singapore. 

  • Pitfalls in access and exposure. Michael Borger, MD, PhD, Leipzig, Germany

  • Pitfalls in cardioprotection and conditioning. Jaewon Lee, MD, Seoul, South Korea

  • Intra-aortic balloon versus Chitwood clamp. Frank Van Praet, MD, Aalst, Belgium

  • How to set-up your program.Tom Nguyen, MD, Houston, US

  • How to learn the procedure.Peyman Sardari Nia, MD, PhD, Maastricht, the Netherlands