At the end of 2017, I was diagnosed with type-A aortic dissection. My doctor recommended me the Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center because of their expertise and excellent clinical results. After being discussed in their Aorta team, I received a plan and a cost estimate within 48 hours.

During the preparation I was pleasantly surprised by the hospitality service of the International Patient Office, because in those circumstances it is comfortable when there is no burden organizing the trip, visa or interpreting services. They were efficient, managed changes resulting from the case evolution, and were available at any time, aiming to get the best for us.

International patient office Heart+Vascular Center/Maastricht UMC+

The management of the case was extremely professional and very personal at the same time. My deep and sincere thanks go out to the professional Mrs. Ellen Heerdt, my case manager who served as a single point of contact. “I will never forget your support from the moment I first walked in the hospital to the last day”.

I cannot comment without emotions on the care I received during my stay at the Maastricht UMC+. I know that it is expected from a hospital in the Netherlands to be professional, efficient and on time. I indeed experienced all of the above. Nevertheless, the teams always surprised me with a special human sympathy and care that I was not expecting. This made a strong bond between myself as a patient and the team, and I believe that in my case helped me a lot to overcome all the difficulties I was facing.

The complex procedure was successful and I am able to gradually return to my full-time job in Luanda. Today I am very glad I decided to go to Maastricht. I have hope that I now have a way to live my life happily and with substantial quality.


Best regards,

Jordao Moreno June 2018

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