My contact with Maastricht Heart and Vascular Center started two months before my surgery, in November 2018

My medical condition and query (I was diagnosed with type-A aortic dissection with an aneurysm of the aortic root), was immediately addressed by the top expert Profs. Jacobs who gave me immediate and clear direction on what can be done and how to proceed.

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Immediately after, my case manager contacted me to make proper arrangements for my prospective surgery, giving me very prompt and clear indications on dates, costs and directions on how to proceed. The way they treated me was so efficient and in such a ‘matter-of-fact’ manner that it immediately took away a lot of my anxiety.

My complex and long surgery was carried out successfully by Dr. Natour and Professor Jacobs. The way he explained it to me in a patient manner built in me full faith and trust in his competence and abilities to leave it all in his able hands.

The surgery was close to 11 hours long and the clinical risks associated with such a long surgery were high. I discussed these with Dr. Natour prior to the intervention and he gave me the assurances , through clear and technical and scientific explanations on what will be done on each aspect to mitigate or minimize the associated risks. In fact, because of his meticulous work and that of his surgical team, I came out of the surgery, without any of the probable or possible side effects.

I must say that in my recent past, for over four years, I held the position of Chief Executive Officer of a 1000-bed acute care hospital. This gave me a very cautious but detailed and critical view of how I was being taken care of and I have to say that each area was above my expectations.

It was a pleasure to see the nurses and physiotherapists taking care of me after surgery, through their work of addressing my wounds, administering the medicines, motivating me to get up and walk and answering all my pertinent questions in a professional manner, working with full competence, clearly knowing what they were doing and why, never cutting corners and making sure every time that patient safety comes first.

As I am writing this, it has been nine days since I was discharged from hospital. My quality of life has already improved, three weeks after the surgery - I am not living with the fear that something in my body is about to go catastrophically wrong. This is all thanks to the whole team who took care of me during my admission and acute care delivery at Maastricht Heart and Vascular Center. Their competence and professionalism are the cause of me being back to full health today . I am indebted to them for the rest of my life.”

Kind regards,

Joseph Caruana
February, 2019



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