In November 2017, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and was I hospitalized in Islamabad (Pakistan) after a medical emergency. Having noticed straightaway that an ablation in a specialized hospital was absolutely necessary, I started looking for the medical centre with the best expertise and excellent clinical results. This led me to the Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center. The team dedicated their full attention to my case from the very beginning, discussing and evaluating it in depth. I quickly saw the uniqueness of the Center’s combination of high-level medical expertise, personal care and professional management, and so I decided to have my ablation procedure carried out in Maastricht.

International patient office Heart+Vascular Center/Maastricht UMC+

I felt much better after my very successful treatment, which was a great relief after a difficult time. When I visited the Center a week after my ablation for a final debriefing before going home, I received an exceptionally warm welcome from the team. This was a true reflection of the MUMC+, a fantastic place with an amazing team. I owe them a lot, and I am very glad that I decided to go to Maastricht – it’s also a beautiful town that’s well worth a visit!


Best regards,

Mrs. Cloething

October 2018

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