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Drs. V.P.M. van Empel


Drs. V.P.M. van Empel


Short description

Focus: Heart Failure, Pulmonary Hypertension Dr. Van Empel's cardiologist specializing heart failure. She is also head of the Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic. Dr. van Empel studied medicine in Maastricht. She has a PhD in 2007 in Utrecht with a thesis on the molecular aspects of cell death in heart failure. After her PhD she was trained as a cardiologist in Maastricht where she has worked since 2011 as a cardiologist. Her areas of interest are heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. In the field of heart failure she is interested in a specific type of heart failure, in which the heart muscle relaxes is not good enough and the heart fills with blood less, also called HFpEF (heart failure with preserved ejection fraction).
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